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China Women's Super League

The Chinese Women’s Super League, CWSL for short, is the top football league in China running under the authorization of the CFA and contested by the women’s teams of football clubs nationwide. Started in 1997, the CWSL is an updated edition of the former Chinese Women’s League. The Chinese Women’s League One is the secondary football league in China running under the authorization of the CFA.

The CWSL’s tournament system has undergone many variations and a host-guest round robin tournament system was adopted in the initial stage. In 2014 the CFA formulated an overhauling reform plan for the women’s league in the upcoming year. The 16 teams would be divided into the CWSL or Women’s League One, each comprised of eight teams, based on their league scores in 2014. The 2015 saw the commencement of the CWSL and Women’s League One after the overhaul of the tournament system.

With the introduction of the Overall Reform Plan to Boost the Development of Soccer in China issued by the State Council in March, 2015, China’s football development has embraced an unprecedented opportunity. The women’s leagues have reignited the passion of the public and market and seen a steady improvement in development environment. As a result, the Steel Roses will surely bloom at international matches once again.